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Turn the Page by Sydney Logan

Life in the fast lane is nothing new to Corbin James. After completing his second stint in rehab, Corbin heads home to Riverview, determined to leave the music world behind and focus on his family, his songwriting, and his sobriety.

Crippled with debt but determined to make it on her own, Jolie Daniels pours her heart and soul into the town's bookstore. When Corbin finds his debut album in Jolie's discount bin, sparks fly between the pretty bookstore owner and the rock star musician. Corbin knows he's nowhere near good enough for a sweet girl like Jolie...But he wants to be. 

When a record label approaches Corbin with the chance to make a musical comeback, he doesn't think twice before saying no. He's ready to settle down, and he wants to do it with Jolie. However, when her beloved bookstore is threatened with foreclosure, Corbin finds himself signing a contract that will take him away from home and back on tour for three months. 

Can Corbin resist the temptations of the tour? Or will the loneliness of the road resurrect all the demons he's worked so hard to bury? 

My Review

Sydney Logan's newest release Turn the Page follows Corbin James as he returns to his small hometown after a stint in rehab. It's not his first time to hit rock bottom, but he's determined it will be his last. He's tired of the sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll lifestyle that his time spent as a touring musician exposed him to. When he rolls into town, he doesn't expect he'll stay long--just enough time to rekindle his relationship with his family and find a job. But when he meets Jolie Daniels, the sweet but tough proprietor of the town's newest business, a bookstore and music shop called "Turn the Page," Corbin's expectations and plans for the future turn on their head. 

As always with Sydney Logan's work, I enjoyed this book very much! Corbin and Jolie were complex characters and I cared about them both from the moment I met them. While I'll always enjoy a plain and simple romance, I appreciated that the relationship between the two characters was not the only important plot. Ms. Logan deals with heavy issues here--family matters, debt, extortion, addiction, sobriety, assault, temptation--but she does it in such a way that the reader isn't weighed down. Instead, we leave the story feeling uplifted and greatly assured of love's redemptive power. 

I received a complimentary copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.