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Here, I will share with you my 3.5, 4- and 5-star reads. Let's fangirl together! 

Note: Unfortunately, I am no longer able to accept review requests. Between writing, working full-time, attending courses for my second bachelor's degree,  and freelance projects, I just don't have the time. Once I finish reading and reviewing the ARCs I've already received, I will be reviewing personal library items only.

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Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

I always find it difficult to review a classic. What could I possibly say to add value to a book which has done quite nicely for 170 years without my praise? Certainly nothing of substance. How can I assign a star rating to a book whose influence has lasted lifetimes before me, and will surely last lifetimes after? However, I will make an attempt, however paltry, at imparting my feelings and thoughts on Jane Eyre.

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