Olivia Folmar Ard

The Bennett Series

Embark on a journey to Bennett, South Carolina, where there's never a shortage of drama, heartbreak, friendship, love, and redemption. Who says small towns can't have big secrets? 

The Partition of Africa

The Partition of Africa

A good girl. A hunky professor. A jealous ex. What could possibly go wrong? 

Hattie Greene was the typical quiet, nerdy good girl at HKCU . . . until she wasn't. After a lapse in judgment and one vulnerable night spent with Samson Campbell, PhD, she's gone from teacher's pet to professor's mistress in the blink of an eye. Caught between her feelings and her conscience, she moves through each day terrified her mistake will cost her everything. Her nosy roommate, Claire, has a built-in scandal detector, and her angry ex would love nothing more than to exact revenge. Will Hattie be able to put her mistake behind her and move on, or will it haunt her the rest of her life? 

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The Marshall Plan

The Marshall Plan


A wannabe journalist. An untapped local scandal. An entire future on the line.

Molly Marshall is happily married, incredibly rich, and up for a Pulitzer...in her dreams. Her reality is much bleaker. No one wants to pay her to write, and her student loans won't let her work for free, so her grad degree in journalism goes to waste while she works in a taco truck alongside her crazy roommate. Gavin, the man she's supposed to marry, keeps slipping away from her. The garden she tends on the roof of her apartment building is the only escape she has from her grim reality.

But when a university scandal she failed to cover as a student resurfaces, Molly finally has a chance to put her name on the map as a real, bonafide journalist. There's just one problem: selling the story means hurting the people she cares about. With a new friend's trust and Gavin's love at stake, Molly must make a choice. Something has to go. What will it be, her ambition or her heart? 

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This Dread Road

This Dread Road


Time may pass, but human hearts remain the same...

In 1968, Annemarie Vanderhorst is happy to finally be free of her controlling mother's societal expectations. She's a college freshman, and she's going to use her time at school wisely. It's all about education—she wants to discover her destiny, not chase after boys and an M.R.S. But the very first day of class, a dark and handsome stranger named Henry Eden takes over every waking thought. After a whirlwind romance is met with disapproval, Annemarie is forced to choose between her husband and her family. But did she make the right choice? 

In 2016, Claire James returns to Bennett, South Carolina after leaving her fiancé, determined to be independent for once in her life. After convincing her father to find a job for her in the family company, she realizes independence isn't all it's cracked up to be. Coworkers regard her with jealousy and suspicion, her best friend is too busy with her own family to look after Claire, and a terrifying secret she can't admit even to herself holds her captive. How much can she take? 

The lives of these two women, decades apart but eerily similar, intersect one fateful night. With broken hearts and hope for the future, they wonder together—is it ever too late for love?

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